April 20th 2018

everyday look + my fav mules

Outfit Details: Top - Nordstrom Rack Jeans - Suite One | Mules - ASOS | Belt - Gucci | Purse - Red Dress | Earrings - Target | Sunglasses - Target 

Hey y’all! Happy Friday!


I have been really absent from my blog lately dealing with this busy thing we call life. BUT, I could not wait to throw on these mules the second I had a chance.

First, I have to mention my sweet, sweet friend Sarah. She contacted me about a week ago to take pictures for her side biz she does and she is seriously GREAT. You guys have to check here out! I will link her HERE.

Now, the shoes.. the moment we have all been waiting for.. lol

I ordered these from ASOS like 3 weeks ago and honestly, I completely forgot about them.. When I came home and saw them in the mail, it was like Christmas LOL I am OBSESSED with them! But, THEY ARE SOLD OUT :( I linked a really similar pair above though and I will watch for these to come back in stock!!

Most people know I love a super simple style with a fun shoe, and this look is legit my norm. 

I love it!

I got this top from Nordstrom Rack for like $15. The white is completely sold out but I linked other colors above!

These jeans I seriously wear ALL THE TIME. They are from one of my fav local boutiques, Suite One. (y'all are prob tired of seeing them. SORRY) but you know when you find something you love and fits perfectly, you tend to wear them a lot. Lol

Suite One is local and they do not have an online store, but I will link the brand here + you guys can check them out!

Anywho, the outfits details are listed under my photos as usual. But I had some other stuff weighing on me that I just wanted to vent about. It might be a long one. Bare with me.

I got engaged recently, we all know this bc I flash my ring everywhere, and while this should be the best time of your life, it has been the exact opposite for me. Now my Fiancé is the most perfect person on earth, but me, not so much.

I fight so much anxiety and stress it is unreal. I have a really good friend I eat lunch with daily and when wedding talk even gets brought up, I cringe. The thought of having to plan something to be absolutely perfect makes me sick. Having a wedding I just don’t think is for me. But, the more and more I think about it, I'm torn. I don’t want to regret not sharing the biggest day of my life with all the people we love, but at the same time, is the wedding really even for you and the groom anyways? To this day, I have idea what to do.. So if anyone has any help on persuading me differently, PLEASE, I am begging. Help a sista out! 

So on top of trying to decide if I want a wedding and getting a plan together, working a full-time job, which I absolutely love, and  trying to keep up with my blog, Matthew and I decided to start the process of buying our first home. DEAR LORD. Now I knew the process of buying a home was a lot but I had no idea it was this much. I’m going through classes, filling out paperwork, taking calls almost daily, trying to figure out where the heck we even want to LIVE and trying to keep my head on my shoulders. Needless to say, I am losing it. Literally.

There are times I get so stressed out I go into a zombie mode. It starts to affect my social life, and my confidence. I don't like to go anywhere or do anything. I struggle with understanding why this is so hard for me? Why do I feel like I can't handle this stuff? 

I start to compare my life to people I see on Instagram, which is the last thing ANYONE should do.

But then I stopped and realized, these people I'm comparing my life to, are REAL people too. They go through the SAME stuff we all do.

 It’s so unrealistic to have just everything handed to you, and to have your everyday life go EXACTLY as planned. No one has their shit together all the time.

 And I finally realized that it's OKAY to feel that way. It's OKAY to struggle. It's OKAY to be tired. It's OKAY to eat 7 slices of pizza if you want to. It's okay to just want a break.

Every single day is a new day to pick yourself back up, and start over.

 All the work you and myself are putting in, will one day pay off. We will all be able to kick back and look at the things we have, even if it isn’t a lot to others, and know that we worked for this. We didn’t depend on anyone else. No one did this for us!

Ahhhh, that feeling!

So guess what, imma keep pushin'. I'm going to still break down, or have days where I leave the house without a bra (this really happened) but THAT'S OKAY!

So as I sit here with my second glass of wine filled to the brim, 3 day old hair, the same t-shirt I had on last night, definitely no where close to my goals YET, I wanted to say thank you. Thank you to seriously everyone that responds to my annoying ass polls on Istagram. Everyone that likes and comments on all my pictures. Those that take the time to read my blog. Every single person that has encouraged me to continue blogging and to even start in the first place. Everyone of you in general that make an impact on my daily life, You guys seriously rock!


Now, if you are still with me.. Although my life is insane busy, and I probably won’t keep up with my blog as much as I would like to, I will do the BEST I can. But I am going to live my life happily while doing so.


Now I will end on this note. REMEMBER; "NO ONE has gotten anywhere by scrolling through Instagram depressing themselves with others fabricated lives." – not sure who quoted that but I flippin loved it! Go kick some ass girlfriend!


Xoxo, Lace

Hey babes. I'm Lacy.

I am an affordable fashion + lifestyle + Beauty blogger out of Tulsa, OK.

I hope you enjoy my site.


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