My Acne Journey:

February 14th 2018

Welcome to my Skin Care section!

Ah, this one is so hard for me. I have insane anxiety just beginning to type this.

I had a co-worker recently tell me that when I first got hired, she creeped my Facebook (we're girls, we all do it) and I intimidated her. That she looked for one single flaw in any picture and hoped I was at least mean. That is when I knew I HAD to make this post. 

Pictures are deceiving sometimes. It's not that any of us are necessarily trying to hide from our flaws, but sometimes they're not always seen. Well, it's time to SEE mine!

Most of my super close friends know that I have struggled with acne since high school. I remember crying myself to sleep every night because I had no confidence. I was made fun of and called names. I would wear makeup during my basketball games. I would have sleepovers and not take my makeup off until everyone was asleep, and I would be the first one to wake up to put on makeup before anyone saw.

 Acne SUCKS! It literally starts to define you as a human. I did anything and everything I could to hide my acne.

I even now keep trying to talk myself out of posting these pictures because the thought of people seeing what I use to look like scares me.

I saw many dermatologist and was always let down. I lost my hope in them and started to try every over the counter product, and home remedy I could think of.

I also was in and out of insurance, and prescriptions were expensive, so that wasn't always an option for me.

Recently a coworker went in to a dermatologist for a spot on her chin and it was gone in DAYS. I was honestly so envious. I didn't understand why it didn't work for me but it worked so well for her.

I finally had enough and decided I was going to give the dermatologist another shot. I was desperate. At this point I was so fed up with acne and letting it define me, that I was ready to try even Accutane. One of the most powerful acne medicines of all time.

I went into the Dr. on January 11th 2018 and was prescribed Menocyclin, an antibiotic I may have to take for the rest of my life, and Epoduo Forte, a topper cream for acne directly.

I also started using the Obagi Skin Care line. Now, it is a little on the pricier side, but I'll just let the results do the talking. ;) 

Here I am, ONE month later, February 14th 2018, and my skin feels like BRAND NEW!

Now, my skin still is not perfect. As you can see, my recent pictures at the bottom, I still have some dark spots (scarring) that I am doing treatments for. BUT LOOK AT THAT DIFFERENCE!

I finally feel comfortable in my own skin. I go without makeup everywhere and I am HAPPY! 

Now, everyone's skin is different, so the things that worked for me, may not work for you. My point of this section is DON'T LET ACNE DEFINE YOU the way it tried to define me. We are all humans struggling with the same things. You will find your cure! 

January 11th 2018

Directly after Derma Blading.

This is a treatment for scaring and hyper pigmentation. 

February 14th 2018


Like I said, my skin is NOT perfect, YET. I will update this blog as the treatments continue. I have just never been so confident in my life and I hope this helps anyone struggling with the same thing I did!

xoxo, Lace

Skin Care Update:

April 23rd 2018

Hey guys!

So I have been really bad at updating this section + I plan to soon, but I have had a TON of requests for a skin update so I will post a pic below.

I am still taking my medicine daily + using the Obagi Skin Care line I tagged above. 

I have also started doing facials at home such as peels and charcoal masks. Soon I will be starting treatments on my dark spots and unevenness so I will update this section again after.

Xoxo, Lace