April 2nd 2018


Happy Monday everyone!

What an eventful weekend it has been around our place.

I was asked if I would do a blog post over our engagement and I was thrilled people wanted to hear the full story. So here we go.

I got a message on Instagram last Monday from a local photographer, Casey Berryhill, asking if I wanted to take pictures for my blog to help build her portfolio.

When blogging, this is completely normal because it is the perfect opportunity for photographers to get advertising off of their work and it reaching a broad amount of people. In return, bloggers get free pictures. Win win. I seriously get these questions all the time.

I hesitated at first and told her I would let her know. I am so not a person that says yes to ANYTHING the first time I am asked. I don't know why LOL

 On Wednesday Casey messaged me again and asked if I would be up for it and I finally told her yes. I had extreme anxiety because I feel like I am so awkward around people I'm not super close with, and plus I was having to pose and take photos in front of her! It's scarier than you think LOL  

On Thursday I tried to back out of the shoot. Not having a clue of the plan, obviously.

Matthew stayed super calm and told me how I needed to take advantage of this, what I thought was a free, shoot. He didn't give anything away at all. 

Saturday it rained all morning and I was so excited thinking it would get canceled. Evening came around and everything cleared. The weather was perfect and the sun was setting beautifully. We arrived at the shoot and everything was completely normal. We started to take someone pictures and loosen up, when the photographer had me turn around and put my hands on my hips to get a picture of my sleeves dangling and Downtown Tulsa in the background. Completely normal as we get shots of every detail in the outfit.

When I turned back around Matthew was down on one knee. I felt all of my emotions rush to my heart and I actually almost passed out. LOL I could not believe it was finally here. The love of my life was FINALLY proposing after almost 4 years together! (our anniversary is April 5th).

I cried and cried and cried a little more. I was ECSTATIC.

There is no greater feeling in the world than being surprised by something you have dreamed about your entire life.

Shortly after all the pictures and tons of emotion, we head to dinner that I had planned with our best friends the weekend before. (at least I thought I planned it}

I had no idea I was walking into a crowd of people that were there for us. 

All of our friends. All of our family. EVERYONE.

Just when I thought it couldn't have gotten any better, he got me again. 

So her I sit. Tearing up yet again as I type this up. I am the happiest gal in the world!

THANK YOU, to everyone that helped make this day amazing.

To my best friends Baylee + Brooke for taking stress off of Matthew and planning the dinner. 

To our friends and family that showed up to show your love for us and help us celebrate the night away.

I am SO extremely thankful.



Xoxo, Lace


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